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On Behalf for a Customer - Holidays


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  • Roberto De Vivo

    Good Morning Roberto, 

    Thank you for your email, I hope you are well! 

    The maximum number of hours holiday paid per day for flexible employees is simply a cap of how many hours should be paid for each day taken. 

    If 0 is entered into this box then the system will simply pay the flexible employee the value of their day rate multiplied by the number of holidays. 

    However if, for example 8 had been entered into this box then the system will multiply their hourly rate by 8 and the employee will receive a payment of 8 x hourly rate (unless the value of the daily rate is less than 8 x their hourly rate)

    I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions or problems please let me know. 

    Kind regards, 


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