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How to populate the carry over holidays the easiest way


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  • Irina Papayiannis

    Hi Caroline,


    If the number of days are the same for all employees, to be able to bulk carry over holiday you will need to select the Holiday Year (current year or previous year) that the days are to be added to. Selecting Previous Year will add the carry over holiday from the previous year, and add to the current year’s allowance. Enter the Carry Over Holiday Value (if this value is the same for all employees) and then select Apply.

    If the numbers of days differ for all employees, the quickest way would be to first run the Holiday Year to Date Report (you can find this in HR - Reports - View Reports - Holiday Year to Date) with an effective date of the last day of your holiday year. Use this results to populate the CSV file for the Carry Over Holiday Upload. 

    To find the CSV file template for the Carry over Holiday upload you will need to access HR - Employees - Employees Batch Update - Carry Over Holiday - Batch Upload from CSV (top right corner). Select Carry over holiday as Upload type. This releases the CSV template document available for download. Once this template is populated it can be directly uploaded as per the path above.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you,

    Irina Rotariu




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