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holiday pay calc



  • Ashleigh Ramsel

    Hello, Joanne!

    To better assist you, we will go ahead and move your inquiry to an email ticket. To do so, could we please have your email address?


  • GUL

    Hi Payroll,

    I have noticed that the salaried staff holidays do not reflect on their payslip, the holidays v/s wages.


    However, the hourly staff wages do reflect the holiday v/s the hours they worked.


    I think that if it does not feature it will be difficult for us, even more, the staffs are also confused.


    Could someone explain why and how we correct it?


    Look forward to hearing back at the earliest.

    *this post was moderated to remove sensitive information*

  • Hazel Stoddart

    Hi GUL

    In order for salaried holidays to be offset against monthly salary you need to create a calculated payment type called ‘Salaried Holiday’ (or however you want to identify) with the below settings.

    You then need to change the global setting for population to payroll within the holiday settings to ‘Shown on payslip with other pay elements altered accordingly’ with the new ‘Salaried Holiday’ set to adjust ‘Monthly Salary’.

    It is important that these settings remain active, if when checking your reports you see a high value of absence days, check the settings have saved correctly and not reverted to the default absence days payment type.

    This process should not be actioned in the first payroll period.


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