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How can you ensure FT hourly paid employees have holiday aligned with worked hours rather than contract?



  • Caroline Bethell

    Alina Simonin

  • Stevey Scott

    Hi Alina Simonin Caroline Bethell

    I'm afraid that Full Time employees holidays will always be based on the job title FTE or the override FTE in the employee file if they do not work the same hours that are laid out in the job title FTE.

    If you would like an employee's holiday to be calculated based on the average days/hours worked then they would need to be changed to Flexible which, I believe from a HR point of view would require a consulation period.


    Stevey - Fourth


  • Alina Simonin

    Hi Stevey,

    Thank you for the explanation.

    Whilst furlough is taking place and employees are set on furlough - how this would affect changes to flexible status/ which rota periods the setting will look at to determine employees' holiday entitlement?

    Thank you,




  • Stevey Scott

    Hi Alina Simonin

    The solution will continue to look at the last 52 weeks worked for the employee to calculate their holidays. You can view the exact weeks the calculation is based on in the employee file by following the below path.

    HR > Employee List > [select relevant employee] > Employee HR Info > Holidays 

    At the bottom right of the page you will see the average days/hours worked and if you hover over the ? you can click to view the rotas that are being used in the calculation.

    Please see article for more details 




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