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Absence Reporting in Fourth Analytics


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  • Veronica Tabatabai

    Hi @...,

    Thank you for your great question.

    The top panel of the dashboard is hardcoded to show Last 12 months, prior 12 months, last month & prior month so will not change with the date filter.

    The Average absent day's figure is as of today and cannot be changed by the date filter.
    All the detailed reports and the graph Absent Days by reason (top 5) will be triggered by the date filter.

    In the case of the long term sick employee, Fourth Analytics does not receive the SSP1 marker. We would recommend creating a new absence type and moving the employee over to it. That way you can filter out the reason when reporting, we don't include an employee number filter as standard configuration.

    I hope that helps!

    Veronica Tabatabai




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