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Job Titles Export, Deletion Issue and Inactive issue



  • Wendy Hinshelwood

    Is this possible?

  • Oliver Proctor

    Hi Wendy Hinshelwood and Emma Darby,

    Please see responses to the points below which I think should help answer some of the queries you have:

    Is it possible to export all job titles held in the system? Reports currently only extract those which are assigned and not all job titles in the system. - The GUID Location, Division, Job title report returns all active and inactive job titles held within the system. The report can be found by following the below path:

    HR > Reports > Exports > GUID Location, Division, JobTitle, UDG

    The report will only return the description of job titles and associated GUID, it tends to be used by 3rd parties when setting up integrations.

    If anymore information is required regarding the configuration of job titles then please raise a ticket with the Technical Support Team who can complete extracts from the database to provide this.

    Also is there an easy way to identify if a job title is in someone's career history? When it is not currently assigned to someone it appears as if it can be deleted, but this will remove it from the career history of any employee who has previously had that job title. -  In regards to identifying changes to job title I would recommend the Employee History report, this captures stamped changes directly from the Employee History page. You can find the report by following the below path:

    HR > Reports > Employee history report > Select date range > Select required field e.g. jobtitle > Search

    Also - has the issue of when a job title is made inactive but can still be assigned to employees when employment details have changed been fixed? - This has been fixed and should no longer be an issue.


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