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  • Stevey Scott

    Hi Office Group

    I hope you're well?

    Messages cannot be added into individual shifts for an employee within the Rota module, however, this functionality is available in the Labour Productivity module.

    Notification of shift changes is also available when using the Labour Productivity module in conjunction with our My Schedules app.

    There is no functionality that would send out notifications to your employees an hour before their shift starts, however, if you are using the Covid Health App, your employees will receive a notification to complete the survey on days that they are scheduled to work.

    Providing that your admins have access to exports in the Rota module then they will be able to run the Detailed Shift List including Holiday Hours Export.

    Rotas > Reports > Exports > Detailed Shift List including Holiday Hours

    If you would like more information on the Covid Health Survey App, Labour Productivity or My Schedules, please contact the customer care team.


    Stevey Scott - Fourth


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