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Invoicing By Weight


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    Benjamin Oliver

    Hi Moty, 


    Thanks for getting in touch, I see where the concern might come from.

    Tradesimple allows customers to order in countable units such as Each or Case and be Invoiced by measurable units such as weight. (The example my colleague Helen always used for this was a Leg of Lamb, the customer would want to order 1 leg but the supplier would want to invoice for 3.12 Kg.)

    In order for this to work the catalogue must be set up with both an orderable unit of measure (UOM) and invoice unit of measure. The catalogue can also contain different prices for these two units.

    If you send your Delivery Notes or Invoices electronically simply send the appropriate UOM as you need to. If you create your Delivery Notes or Invoices manually on Tradesimple, you will be given the option to change the UOM against each product line before you send the document.

    I hope that helps,


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