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Removal of department from the rota list


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  • Veronica Tabatabai

    Hi Stacey Charles,

    That sounds like a great question but I need a bit more information to be able to really give you the best answer.

    However, divisions will appear on the rota's if active employees are assigned.

    To remove the division from the list, ensure all employees assigned to this division are to be scheduled on the rota's. If they are to be scheduled, but you want to change the division, that can be done in the employees individual record. 

    You may need to reassign the division that the job title is assigned to. (You cannot remove a division that has ever had employees attached to it - both terminated and active).

    If they are not meant to be scheduled and showing on the rota's, navigate to the employee record within HR.

    Employee Record > Employee Info > Employment Details > Is Employee Included in Rota

    However, this setting may not show in the individual employee record, you may have to adjust it in the job title setting.

    HR > Company Admin > Job Title > Include Salaried Employees in Rota > Choose from drop down menu. 

    Once these steps have been followed, you should no longer be able to see that division in the Rota module.

    I hope that helps, but if that doesn't resolve your query, please respond to this comment.


    Veronica Tabatabai



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