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List of live menus on Recipe Menu Engineering (RME)/ StarChef



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    Nicola Shelbourn

    Sandra Leupold  Adding you in so you see the response

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    Robert German


    Thank you for your question.  There are a number of reports available for Menus within the Recipe and Menu Engineering solution.  If you navigate to the Reports tab and select Menu from the drop down list the Menu reports this will filter the Menu reports.  If you hover your cursor over the report name you will get an overview of what is contained in each report.  When running each report there is an option to Include selected menus only. If you select this it will allow you to use the advanced search function to filter the results by various parameters including but not limited to Name, Menu Set and Menu Items.

    If there is specific requirement that you would like to report on please let me know and I can advise if there a report that will provide this detail.

    Many thanks


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