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    Saskia Dykstra

    Hi Sharon Harkins

    Thank you for your patience whilst we did some investigation into your query. 

    If the employees are being scheduled they will appear in the report. If you would like the salary cost not to be displayed you can adjust the configure location settings for that salary job title not to be included. 

    Rotas > Administration > Configure Location > Select Locations > job titles with salary included in rota > Edit Job TItle Salary > Untick and save.

    If you want the employees to not display on the rota at all, this can be amended in the employee HR record (if salaried)

    HR > Employees > Employee List > Select Employee > Employment Details > Is employee included in rota > No > Save 
    This will come into effect when the next new rota is opened and will not update and open rotas.

    This can also be set up in the job title configuration

    HR > Company Admin > Job Title > Select one > Include Salaried Employee in Rota > No > Save 

    There is no setting for the report directly to exclude job titles, I hope that helps.


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