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  • Lauren Harvey

    Hi Debra Hayden

    Thank you for this question!

    You could run seperate reports for the items you require.

    For holiday accrued & holiday taken, you could run "Holiday - Year To Date" (HR Module > Reports > View Reports > "Holiday - Year To Date").

    For sick pay entitlement, you could run the "Absence Analysis" report (HR Module > Reports > View Reports > "Absence Analysis").

    For pay deductions, you could run the super journal export from the payroll module.

    Alternatively, you could create a custom report in the Payroll module
    To run a custom report to get details of individual deductions, go to Payroll > Reports > Custom Reports

    • Select Create Template
    • Enter a Template Name
    • From the Report Type drop-down, select Payslip Data (Current Tax Year)
    • Select Save

    On the following page, select the required criteria that will display the required deduction types in the report. 


    You could add 'TaxCode' to a custom report in the payroll module.


    Hope this helps!





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