Unpaid holiday - how can you remove the functionality



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    Stevey Scott

    Hi Hetal Patel

    I'm afraid that it is not possible to remove the unpaid holiday functionality as this is part of the holiday functionality.

    The purpose of the 'Unpaid Holiday' selection is to show an employee's usual days off when they're on holiday and not deduct from their holiday allowance.

    The name of this can be changed and some of our customers have changed it to 'Day Off' or 'Usual Day Off' to make it more clear for employees.

    In order for this to be changed you would need to raise a request.


    Stevey Scott

    Solution Consultant

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    Caroline Bethell

    Thanks Stevey Scott


    Hetal Patel

    What you can do is stop any deductions being made from a salary if anyone does tick the unpaid holiday box.

    If you currently have it set so that the ‘unpaid leave’ pay type is used to deduct un-paid holiday from salaried employees where they select an unpaid holiday, this setting can be removed. The following path will take you to that setting

    Payroll>Administration>Global Settings>Holiday Pay




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