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Flex furlough payment



  • Louise Wilson

    Hi Natalija

    Essentially the calculation remains the same for working out the usual/ actual hours, as the number of days in a period will remain the same. It does not matter if the period crosses over a month. 

    If you are concerned about claiming back the employer cost (as the entitlement changes), please don't worry. The exports can prorate the calculation on the furlough payment entered, and it can be run between set dates.

    Please ensure that your Furlough payment type has the 'Furlough' flag ticked, as the export needs this to calculate the cost. 

    Many Thanks

    Louise Wilson

  • Natalija Cristea

    Thanks Louise, when I spoke to HMRC they have advised that flex furlough hours has to  be calculated separately for each month if pay period spans 2 months. However the export just divides total furlough payment by days in pay period and x by number of days in that month.

    If our pay period is 6/07-2/08 and payment for furlough hours for July is £100 and in August £20 ( as an example).

    If we have processed the total of £120 for that pay period, the export calculates it as £120/28*26 and does not look at furlough hours for July only. 

    I might be doing something wrong but it way too confusing...




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