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  • Mark Whitmore

    Hi Jayne Taylor,

    Thanks for your great question! 

    If you are using the Quotations module in Purchasing & Inventory you can go to Purchasing > Quotation Center, then right click on the relevant quotation(s) and select Delete. As with many parts of Purchasing & Inventory, you can select multiple quotations at the same time by holding down CTRL when clicking on the relevant quotations, and then right-clicking. This will remove the quotes for this vendor. 

    For more information on the Quotation Center there is an article here

    Alternatively if you have not uploaded quotations/ are not using the quotation functionality and are just wanting to remove the Vendor from being associated to the products you can go to Property > Vendor > Search, Select the Vendor. Then select the Products Tab on the side of the screen, select all the products, right click and Delete.

    I hope that helps!





  • Simon Kerr

    Hi Jayne,


    If you go to Property > Vendor and open the vendor page in question, then in the options section deselect the Active flag then click on OK.  This will stop anyone form making Requisitions or Orders for any product for this Vendor.


    Next if you click on the Products tab within the vendor page, you can right click on the product and delete.  This will remove that products association with that Vendor and remove it from any of these vendors quotes.

    After this you can go to Purchasing > Quotation Center and search for quotes against your vendor number as such

    You can then right click on the Vendor quote if you wish to delete them, or leave them for historical purpose.  They will have no active products in them already because of the first two steps.

    Let me know if you have any more questions on this?


    Many thanks,


  • Jayne Taylor

    Hi both, that's great, many thanks




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