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Furlough status (for periods lasting less than 3 weeks)



  • Hi Danni Fasolino

    Thanks for your question!

    We recommend to keep an active furlough period open as the 3 week minimum will unfortunately not be changing at this stage. 

    Please refer to these previous discussion threads for further guidance on how to proceed in this instance:

    Furlough Status re Flexible Furlough 

    Flexible Furlough Status Update

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions.

    Many thanks,




  • Danni Fasolino

    Hi Zaina,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately leaving a furlough period open when it's not actually active in practice is not going to help us as a business to track who is and isn't on furlough.

    Due to the complexities of flexible furlough, we are instead choosing to keep staff on furlough full-time but rotating among team members. Some will be on furlough for 2 weeks then return to work - so keeping an active furlough period open for 3 weeks is not going to be useful at all.

    Are there no plans for Fourth to remove the 3 week minimum period from 1st July?



  • Alison Barlow

    Hi Danni Fasolino

    The reason why we currently have no plans to remove the validation is due to the possible impact on flexible employee's holiday calculations when they're working reduced hours.  We are currently working on a solution where, if an employee comes back to work reduced hours, and have an active furlough status, those hours won't be included in the calculation so it won't reduce their total allowance.

    However, with the details of your concerns and how it will affect your reporting, i'll have a look to see if there's anything we can do to help.




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