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Adaco Vendor Numbers

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  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi Jordan Mercado

    Thank you for your question via @...,

    Unfortunately, when creating a new Vendor in Adaco, you are unable to amend the Adaco Vendor Number as this is auto generated from the back end of the system and not configurable, 




  • Ian Canaday



    There are several other Vendor fields available for storing custom data. For example, the AP Cross-Reference # field. My organization uses this to store a small string value that corresponds to that same value in our Accounting software. This way we can cross reference the two even if the vendor names were not created equally.


    If you aren't using this field for anything, I'd say you could use it to store your custom clean vendor numbers. I could also easily show you how to create a custom report which would allow you to query/sort by your custom number.


    Feel free to respond if you want some help with this.




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