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  • Hollie McCabe

    Hi Nelson,


    Please see this helpful article on how to create products -

  • Petrone, Juli

    Is there an option to mass upload new products? We have partnered up with a new vendor and we will be using over 50 of their products. Wondering if there is a way to avoid creating one by one? 

  • Ryan Carroll

    Hi Juli,

    Unfortunately there is not an option to bulk upload products into Adaco and they need to be created manually.  Fourth can always assist with bulk product uploads, but these data exercises are chargeable.  With only 50 products, my recommendation would be to build these manually.  It should take about an hour to complete and may not be cost effective to proceed with a data request.  

    I have also flagged this with your Customer Success Manager and asked them to follow up directly.  They can provide more information as to estimated costs.

    I hope this helps!



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