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Flexible Furlough Status Update (Furlough period lasting less than 3 consecutive weeks)



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Vera,


    Thank you for your question. If you have employees on flexible furlough you do not have to end and start furlough for each period- you can keep them flagged as furlough for the duration. 

    We now have a furlough indicator on the rota and schedules for you and your scheduling managers to know who is on furlough. 

    Many thanks,


    Solution Director

  • Maeve Morgan

    Good afternoon Sophie,


    We have followed this advise.  However this has impacted on our employees holidays. 


    If an employee has worked more than their furlough, which would be the case with eat out to help out for example.  They have not been able to accrue annual leave due to their furlough status.  


    Can you please advise if we cannot add furlough period of less than three weeks how we manage this?


    Kind regards


  • Sophie Waters

    Morning Maeve,

    Thank you for the follow up. As the furlough scheme changed, we amended the validation of the 3 week periods to allow for shorter furlough periods, so you should be able to update/backdate these accordingly. This was to help with the way flexible holidays were then calculated for flexible furlough periods. More information on this functionality is within this release note here: 

    Many thanks,



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