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Holiday pay to furloughed staff


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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Tsara,


    Thank you for your question. Its difficult to answer without looking at your examples and the reports/pages in the system that you were using. It sounds like the employees you are referring to are flexible as their holiday would calculate on their working pattern based on their last 52 weeks of scheduled days and hours. 

    The flexible employee are paid their 'Day Rate' for a days' holiday- this amount is shown on their individual holiday page. To see which rota weeks have fed that calculation, clicking on the 'i' symbol by the 'average days/week' line will pop up the weeks with the days and hours worked which may help you work through the query. You can also check that none have been overridden in the batch update screen in HR> employees> employee batch update> choose attribute of 'flexible holiday override' and check to see if any have been ticked. 

    You could also check that they employees have not been booked for 7 days holiday in the period you are looking at, as 7 days multipleid by their day rate will show a weekly value higher than their standard week's pay. 

    If you need any more help with examples then please let your Fourth Customer contact know. 

    Many thanks,


    Solution Director. 



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