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Uploading new delivery days into P2P Tradesimple



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    Zaina Ishaq

    Hi Jon Thorpe


    That is a great question!


    You can use the following article that will assist in creating delivery days & the steps needed to do this - P2P&I - Creating and Loading Delivery Logic Files


    Please do let us know if you need any further assistance.


    Many thanks,




  • Jon Thorpe

    thanks Zaina - its looks like this is keyed off the suppliers code for unit in relationships.

    is there anyway i can run a report to extract this field against unit code to allow me to build the file?

  • Jon Thorpe

    Sorry - another followup - on the article it mentions delivery day files should be issued via delviery date days file - but both the file content and the mechanic to upload omit any mention of the acutal supplier.

    the only key is the suppliers code for units but we have the same supplier code for two suppliers.  If I uploaded the file would it overwrite delivery days for both suppliers where it matched on the supplier code for unit?

  • Moty Dimant

    Hi Jon,

    You can load Delivery Days against individual suppliers by going to Maintain Suppliers and clicking on Load Files. There is currently no way to extract the Delivery Days already loaded.


    Suppliers are also able to load Delivery Days so might be worth reaching out to them to ask for their assistance in creating/loading the schedule for you?



  • Jon Thorpe

    long time no comment - i'm trying this method again for some additional sites across all suppliers.  I think i've got the structure right but its not reporting success or failure and i'm not seeing a change on the UI.

    example from the upload


    V2 should be the one that uses y/n flags and this is an "I"ncremental addition.


    Any ideas anyone watching?


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