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How can i remove stores on fnb and all products and recipes assigned to them?



  • Paul Mortensen

    Hi Samuele Muraglia

    It is not possible to fully remove a site from FnB as we generally will not hard delete these for preservation of data integrity. However, you can disable a site (this will prevent any users accessing it at site level), but still allow historical reporting at Enterprise level. If you do not wish to re-open a site, I'd also recommend moving this to another unit to separate it from your live sites.
    The link below has information on how to disable a site, you can move this site to another unit in the edit site tab, and select a different unit from the drop down.

    P2P&I - Temporary Site Closure in FnB

    In addition, my recommended best practice would be to follow these steps if closing a site down permanently:

    • Approve or delete all pending orders
    • Approve or delete all pending transfers and wastage
    • Zero off all stock. Close and approve the period.
    • Archive all Recipes and then Batches (optional)
    • Archive all Products (optional as archiving from Enterprise will work if the product is not in use)
    • Archive Suppliers (optional)
    • Delete templates
    • Close the stock Period and leave closed (after the above has been completed)
    • Disable site at Enterprise Level
    • Move to separate unit clearly marked as CLOSED or Do Not Use

    Many thanks,

    Paul (Senior Solution Consultant for Purchase to Pay & Inventory)

  • Samuele Muraglia

    Hi Paul Mortensen

    Thank you for your support.



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