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    Hi Milan Horvath

    That is a very important question!

    I can confirm we are in the process of amending the Furlough End Date within the Fourth system so that this can be extended. As soon as we have made these changes, we will make sure to let our customers know.

    If there is anything else you need assistance with, please do let us know.

    Best wishes,



  • Milan Horvath

    Hi Paul,

    When is Fourth going to extend the active date range of furlough scheme?

    Currently we cannot end furlough pass 30/06/2020:

    Thank you.




  • Diane Daruk

    Hi Zaina,


    Will there be batch upload functionality available for the Furlough End Date? Also as we have a number of people rotating on and off furlough it would be good to have more than one term period allowed for Furlough.


    Also is it possible to get the Furlough export changes to include PAYE calcs by individuals on Furlough as the govt are saying we now need to pay PAYE/NIC on furloughed employees although other PAYE can be deferred. This would be a huge help.






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