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Hi, with the upcoming changes in IR35 could you please explain how to process tax payment to HMRC via Fourth?



  • Lauren Harvey

    HI @Marina Aleksandrovic​ 


    This is a good question... If and when legislative changes come in with regards to changes in IR35,, Fourth will build/develop changes in the solution to manage this through the system. However, these changes will only be implemented one the new rules are confirmed. 


    Therefore, these changes will be made once the new rules are confirmed, if required. I would suggest to keep an eye on legislation and Fourth's releases in the meantime. (To keep up to date with What’s New with Fourth, just let your Fourth contact know and we’ll set you up!)


    I hope this helps to explain?





  • Marina Aleksandrovic

    Hi Lauren


    thank you for your reply. But i understand the legislation is changing from April 2020. That's what it says in Fourth news and I have also received letters from HMRC.



  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi @Marina Aleksandrovic​ 


    Our team are currently looking into this and will have a reply for you very shortly, thank you for being so patient 😊





  • Lauren Harvey

    HI {@005D000000ANOtMIAX}​ 


    Payroll will need to be run for Off Payroll Workers to calculate Tax and NIC allowances. This Payroll will need to be submitted to HMRC, on or before payday, via an FPS submission making sure that the correct flag relating to Off Payroll Workers is included. Student Loans and Pension Deductions are not required for off Payroll Workers, but the amount of NI-able pay reported on the FPS should be included in Apprentice Levy calculations.


    Our release for the new tax year will cater for this.

    In short, you will have a separate pay basis in Fourth to cater for IR35 workers.


    The Government’s Budget will not take place until 11th March 2020. Where proposed rates are displayed, these are still waiting for Parliamentary approval and where 2019 rates are displayed, these are awaiting confirmation from the HMRC.


    Once the terms of the budget are released, the rates will be confirmed/updated within Workforce Management and a revised release note will be published.


    Please keep an eye out for more detailed information from us closer to the time.





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