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Is there a way to check an employees final payslip has been sent/ received?


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  • Anonymous User

    Hi @Sarah Henderson​  @Daniel Vale​ 

    As with any email it is impossible to tell if an email has been received.

    Once the P45 has been 'Dealt with' it is placed in a queue to be emailed.

    In P45 administration, the 'List Queued Email Leaver P45 Runs' can be checked to see if the system is waiting to send the P45.


    If you have checked the employee had a valid email address, the delivery method is set to email and the P45 does not appear in the list the email has been sent.

    The employee should update their email preferences and check their Junk files to ensure the email is not missed.

    If all this has been checked, then a technical case should be raised so that our development team can check the mail server.

    Hope this helps




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