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Can we have the storeroom as the only outlet that has validate stock and all other outlets to allow more than available stock?

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  • Anthony Cordero

    Thank you very much Ermias for your help.


    I had this set up when I was at the Hotel Del Coronado so I knew this was possible. This should help us here at Monarch Beach on this process.


    Also, Thank you to Joshua and Sophie for assisting me on this matter. I tested it and it works! Perfect.


    Best Regards,

    Anthony Cordero

  • Anonymous User

    Hi Anthony @Anthony Cardero


    Thanks for the great question.

    Yes, it is normal. When ticking “Allow requisition request more than available stock” this will allow all outlets in the property to be able to raise a requisition for more than the available stock. In-order to limit one or more outlets not to go above the stock on hand, the option the “Allow requisition request more than available stock” should be ticked and the “validate stock” option for the individual outlet should be unticked. In your case the validate stock option for the store room should be ticked to stop only the store room from going above the stock on hand when processing outlet requisitions.


    To allow all outlets in a property to be able to request more than available stock: -

    Property > Administration > Property preference Requisition > the “Allow requisition request more than available stock” should be selected > save. (figure - 1)


    Validate Stock Pic -1

    Figure – 1 allowing a requisition request for a property for more than on hand stock.


    To block only individual outlet to not go above the stock on hand, after ticking the “Allow requisition request more than available stock” box (as above)

    Please go to: Property > Setup > Outlet > select the outlet > “Validate stock” should be ticked (ONLY for the outlet> Save) (figure – 2)


    Validate Stock Pic -2

    Figure – 2 Stock validating for a single outlet in a property.



    Please note: this will not stop outlets from raising a requisition from the store room but It will NOT let the requisition to be posted at the store room as it will be making the stock hand in the store room into a negative quantity. (figure 3)

    Validate Stock Pic -3

    Figure – 3 if stock validation is selected for the store Room, will not be able to post all requisition that’s taking the store room over the stock on hand. i.e. as you can see above, the Main Bar requested for 13 bottles of Champagne Rose from the Store room, but the store room only have 12 in stock so in this case it’s not possible to post the above requisition.








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