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MY Adaco is giving me trouble


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  • Joshua Wright

    Hi {@005D0000008vd3VIAQ}​ ,


    Thank you for raising this discussion today.


    This is a bug that our Development team are aware of. Please be assured that we are working to find a solution for a release in the near future.


    In the meantime; despite being an inconvenience, this bug will not affect your approvals. You can still view them in the Requisition Center by selecting the "Status" criteria - "For My Review", "For My Approval" and "For My Final Approval".


    Your email notifications will not be affected and you can confirm the numbers of approvals awaiting action for each user by going to Property > User Center .> Right-Click User > Re-Route. Here you can see an exact count of what Approvals are awaiting action by this user.


    If you require any further information, are looking for an update on the priority or would like to help us understand the impact this has on your day-to-day operations, then please raise a Technical Case and our Support Team will be happy to assist.


    Many Thanks,


    Joshua 😀


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