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Your average pay calculator is from April 2019 to 29 February 2020 - but our employees worked until 20th March - can we use a different calculation to include all pay periods



  • Emilie Valsain

    As the government has now extended the furlough eligibility date to the 19th of March. Will the product team review the formula to calculate the average pay?

    Also the article suggested that we refer to the report below to view the employee pay from same period last year but aren't those report gross pay include other elements such as tronc, tips, service charge, bonus,etc..? Maybe the post payrun report could work if we filter it and do manual work but it would have been so much better if the basic pay from same period last year was also on the export ,coming out on the 17th April


    Payroll Summary – Individual Pay Period

    • Payroll > Reports > View Reports > Payroll Summary = Individual Pay Period

    HMRC Reconciliation

    • Payroll > Reports > Exports > HMRC Reconciliation

    Post Payrun Report

    • Payroll > Pay Run > Past Pay Run > Select payrun > Post Payrun Report


  • Sophie Waters

    @Jane Chilman​ I hope the article and the above information answers your question.





  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Emilie,


    I have checked with our product team and we won’t be looking to change the formula as the formula used calculates an average annual amount to work out the period amount. Although we understand it would be helpful, the issue is that the ‘same period last year’ is an ever changing amount and the periods are different for different customers/PAYE and pay basis. 


    The custom report can be used to calculate the period amount last year as it details the pay period that the payments were used. That information is within our article on the average pay calculation here:


    Many thanks,



  • Natalia Gabrikova

    This is exactly what I wanted to ask as the rate will change. @Fourth, when will your system calculation be updated please ​?


    Many thanks


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