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How do we switch the categories of a product?

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  • Joshua Wright

    Hi {@005D000000AMpbrIAD}​ 


    This all depends on your data synchronization settings. If, for example, your Product - Category settings (Property > Administration > Data Synchronization) are set to "Always Sync", then these changes will need to be completed at CP. Ensure that this change is required at all properties before making the changes at CP. If this setting is set to "Never Sync", you can complete the changes at Property level.


    You should go to Property > Products and search using Advanced Options. You can then locate all the relevant products. Open the Product and change the Segment. You can now reset the categories as required.


    Once you have removed all Products from the relevant categories, you can go to Property > Setup > Categories > Right-Click > Delete.


    Many Thanks to {@005D000000ANEiTIAX}​ for posting this question for us!


    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask 😁


    All the Best,



  • Joshua Wright

    Hi @Nicolas Silva​ 


    Please note: The above is applicable to standard practice, but this may not be wholly relevant to you, depending on the specifics of your configuration or internal processes.


    Thanks Again,




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