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Is it possible to restrict access to Bank Details shown within Employment details" to team leaders that do not require this information?



  • Debra Hayden

    I understand managers need to be able to see their employees record, but there is no reason why they would need access to their bank account details. Have any other customers had this raised with them, and is there a way of hiding some fields from the line managers view?



  • Peter Hrnciar

    @Debra Hayden​ 

  • Hi,


    I've had a look on the Customer Community for you and have found a discussion thread which should help answer your question, {@005D000000ANVJfIAP}​ gave a great answer on a similar case, I will paste it below:


    'If you want to prevent managers from having access to employee bank details, you would just need to adjust the permission on the HR Template. This will update anyone on this level.'


    • HR > Users > Templates > select the required Template (in this instance 'Line Manager') > Assign Permissions > scroll to Employees section > remove access to the required Payment Method

    By removing the option to edit Bank Details they will not see these functions when creating/editing Employment Details for employees. Then you can leave this permission as part of Head Office. You can set up an alert to those who would be responsible every time a new employee is created so that the relevant people can add in the bank details.


    I hope this helps?


    Please do comment below if this is not the answer you were after/need any further help!







  • Andy Donmall

    Hello, I had already disabled the access as stated above, but can still see the bank details when looking at an employee under Employment Details.


    Settings are as follows:

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi there,


    If a manager has access to the Employment details page, whether read only or full access, they will be able to see the employee's bank details as they sit at teh bottom of that page. The permission referenced above, 'edit bank details' gives a manager the ability to edit and change those bank details.


    So if you didn't want a manager to see the bank details at all, you would need to remove the ability to see the employment details page, but have a think about the other elements of that page that a manager may need to access.


    Many thanks,




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