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Why product approval routing is working only for myself and not for the rest of the users?



  • Hollie McCabe

    Hi @Porfirio Bobadilla​ ,


    Can you clarify for me what you mean when you say not for the rest of the users?


    Do they receive an error or is the option just not there for them?


    This could be down to user access rights?


    Please have a look at this helpful article on product approval -

  • Anonymous User

    I enabled product approval process by going to Property/Administration/Customization/; However The Approval option is visible only for myself, if I login as a different user they will not have the option to choose the Approval route​, how can enable the approbal option for all users?



  • Hollie McCabe

    Hi @Porfirio Bobadilla​ 


    The user will need to have the 'view' access right selected in Property > Setup > User Groups > Select required group > Main menu drop-down: Property > Three dots next to Products > Product Access.


    Once they are assigned this right the approval button will show :)


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