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  • Katarzyna Szade

    Hello and thank you for your question.


    This is probably one of the most common queries Fourth Analytics Support Agents receive.


    Fourth Analytics receives the data from the core applications daily. This means the data in Fourth Analytics is only as good as the data in Workforce Management or Inventory systems.

    If you are a WFM or P2P&I customer, I recommend to check these first to see if Sales for previous day or period, are visible.

    Usually, the reason why you wouldn't see Sales in Fourth Analytics is because Sales do not come through to the core applications.


    If that is the case, please escalate this to your business’s contacts who are responsible for liaising with Fourth Technical Support.


    If Sales are available in core applications, but you still cannot see it in Analytics, this maybe because the core application received the sales after the Fourth Analytics morning refresh. The data will then be available with the next refresh the following day.







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