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Hi, I would like to create report for HR reporting to our Exec team and would like to know how to create these.

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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Emily,


    There are lots of standard reports available within the solution and it sounds like the HR reports would help you. These are within HR> reports> view reports and you can hover your cursor over the question mark to see what is contained within that report.

    If you also have access to Custom Reports (HR> reports> custom reports) then you will be able to build your own reports to extract the data into excel, that you can then filter down to get summary figures for example. You can build your own custom report by creating a template and then ticking the fields of data that you want to return. There are lots of pages of fields available, just tick what you want and save the page. You can then run that report and filter down in excel format.


    Many thanks!


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