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It is possible to merge products on FnB Live?



  • Sarah Bwalya

    Hi @Elizabeth Birch​ 


    Thank you for your question.


    Unfortunately it is not possible to merge similar products on FNB Live.


    If this is causing confusion and one product is not used, we would recommend archiving one.


    Here are two links to articles that may assist you with the archiving process, please see the below.



    Site Level:


    Hope this helps.


    Have a lovely weekend!


    Sarah 👸



  • Paul Mortensen

    Hi {@005D0000008vuxUIAQ}​ 

    Unfortunately it is not possible to merge a Product. However, you should be able to get your desired outcome by using the following steps:

    1.      Use the Find and replace tool to replace the Product you wish to retire in all affected Menu Items with the Product you wish to keep

    Enterprise > Menu databank > Replace Menu Ingredients.

    2.      Now that the 'de-listed' Product is no longer available, you can archive it in Enterprise, either through the record itself, or using the Quick Archiving functionality.

    You will now only have one record for your Product on both the Order and Count screens and sheets.

    3.      If you need to add a different purchasing size, or an alternative purchasing option with another supplier, it is advised to create a new supplier relationship

    Master Product > Suppliers > Add Supplier

    This will ensure that you have one record for an Ingredient that can be used in all recipes, yet have different purchasing options


    Many thanks

    Paul Mortensen (Solution Consultant P2P&I)



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