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How do I roll forward holiday accrued but not taken for all employees?


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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi {@0053z00000C3pyMAAR}​ 


    Thank you for your question.


    There isn’t a way to automatically roll over unused holidays for all employees, however there are a couple of ways to manage this:


    1. The recommended option would be to create negative days as holiday requests - this will adjust the days remaining therefore allowing the employee to take the carried over holiday. Doing it this way means the days available to take can be adjusted without overriding the total allowance, therefore the average days calculation for flexible employees will continue to flex if their working patterns change.

    To do this you would need to log in with the Admin Login, then create a holiday request for an employee on a day in the past (that would have already been submitted to payroll) and once you’ve created the holiday request you’ll be able to click back into the record to change the value to a negative. Fourth can do this for all employees on your behalf via a dataload – please reach out to your Fourth contact to confirm cost and lead time.


    2. You can override the total allowance to include the additional days that have been carried over – to do this you would go to HR > Employees > Employee Batch Update > select the Employee Attribute “Holiday Allowance Calculated” > then select “No” next to the employee, a field will appear to the right where you would enter the total number of days allowed.

    A couple of things to bear in mind with this option: a) this will not be reset at the start of the holiday year or if the employee were to change job title or employment status, so you would need to go back into the system and remove these overrides b) For flexible employees you will only be able to override up to the maximum number of days set up in your HR global settings c) For flexible employees, days allowed would no longer be calculated based on average days worked, therefore if their working pattern were to change this would not be reflected in their holiday allowance.


    I hope this helps!






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