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    Hi Kate,


    alternate ingredients must be setup in the same family Unit of Measure (UoM) as the parent (i.e. original) ingredient, so setting up an alternate with a weight UoM when the parent has a volume UoM is not possible.


    A conversion from litres to kilograms is possible and will allow for the ingredient to be entered into recipes with either UoM family but the supply qty and stock counting units will always be in the parent UoM (volume in this case).


    The other option is to create a separate ingredient all together. In this case, if the original ingredient is no longer required you should perform a find and replace in recipes (Admin>Tools). If the original ingredient is still required then either:

    1. the stock recon at the site with the new product will show the original product as up and the new product as down, compared to the theoretical usage.
    2. recipes containing the new product can be setup and site linked to the relevant sites, with the obsolete recipes removed from site.


    I hope one of these options works for the customer.



    Solutions Consultant

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