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Creating an emplyee issues

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  • Anonymous User

    Hi {@005D000000AEMFWIA5}​ 


    Thank you for your post!


    The access you have as general manager should allow you to create or re-hire an employee. Having looked at this I would recommend checking 2 key areas.


    1. First of all ensure ALL mandatory fields have been entered. If even one hasn't been entered correctly this will prevent you going forward. The system will highlight in red text at the top of the screen what information is missing.
    2. Double check you have selected a payroll & pay basis at the bottom of the first page. This is not a mandatory field however must be selected in order to progress.


    These mandatory fields are set up from either a legislation perspective or as company process. If neither of these suggestions work, then please raise this to your manager who can then raise a technical case where one of our support team can investigate further.


    I hope this helps, let us know if you have any further queries.





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