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Ordering volume across all sites

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  • Richard Besgrove

    Update, found a super way to do this in Fourth Analytics. Purchasing dashboard > Total Purchases by Supplier 


  • Anonymous User

    Hi Rikki,


    I understand you want to know how to do this within Inventory itself. There is no easy way to see this, as in a report, but there is something you could do that would give you what you need with a little extra effort.


    Go to Master Data > find & select product > Deliv. & Transfers tab > select the top level for the Organisation filter > enter From/To dates > Search



    Please note:

    1. This will include transfers to sites and accounts, not just deliveries, so those records would need to be discounted
    2. This will show on screen but could be copied and pasted into an Excel file, allowing the user to add filters
    3. This can only be done for 1 product at a time
  • Richard Besgrove

    That's great, thank you!


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