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Currently we run a weekly alert to show ...

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  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Hi @Daniel Vale​,


    Thanks for getting in touch! Could you just clarify for me whether you are discussing the alert set up will alert users when a new Absence is created/Absence Exceeds 10 Days - No Doctor''s Certificate, or the Absence Analysis Report? The Report will display the qualifying day ticked in the csv file as this information relates to the SSP entitlement for employees (as the first 7 days will include the the waiting days).


    Many Thanks,




  • Daniel Vale

    Hi Cris


    Thanks for this. This is for the alert function, not for running the absence analysis report.


    The alert has the following set up to report on, which is delivered via email to the relevant managers:


    • Chronic absence- no explanation
    • ​Absence Created Absence Exceeds 10 Days - No Doctor's Certificate
    • Absence is ended but return to work is not completed


    See partial screen shot attached. Ideally I don't want the qualifying days info to show as the report is for us to alert managers about their weekly absence levels. To do this should I just remove the 'Absence Created Absence Exceeds 10 Days - No Doctor's Certificate' element?




  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Good Morning @Daniel Vale​ ,


    Thanks for getting back to me.If it is from the alert function this can not be re-configured. In this instance, I would recommend editing who sees the 'absence created alert' to being seen by only the individuals you are happy for this information to be shared with. Rather than it going to a job title the alert can be set to employees on the system.


    I hope this helps.





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