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Query regarding Salary Request and Holiday Request Notifications

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  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Thank you for your question {@005D0000009glxGIAQ}​ !


    Yes the Salary request workflow functionality does look at an approval platform before all salaries are approved and finalized. Find out more in the following article:


    Some of the advantages of using this functionality is the approving manager is able to view the request before approving the Salary request. Request Salary request can then be finalized or rejected. Approved and finalized salary request can be view on an employee history record. Additional notes can be added in a Salary request reducing emails been send around.


    For the salary request workflow to be effective, I do advise before this functionality is used, that a clear process path is communicated to the business to all the managers approving the Salary request.


    Please note if a request is not approved before a rota us submitted then the salary change will not be picked up within the Payroll module. This would need to be manually managed within the Payroll module.






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