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I have created a new job title but am unable to change the staff members availability from OFF What have I done wrong?


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    Andrew Thompson

    Hi Andrew,


    Thank you very much for getting in touch.


    The off shift type is a default shift generated by the system.


    To assign a new shift type you will need to ensure that the job title and shift type is in the same division and location.


    To assign the job title to the location head over to HR > Company Admin > Job Titles > Click into the job title > Assign Division & Location > Save


    Once you have done this you will need to repeat the process for the shift type.


    This can be found in Rotas > Administration > Shift Types > Click the shift type > Assign Division & Location > Save


    Now that the Job Title & Shift Type has been assigned to the same division and location you should be able to see this within the rota.


    If you are still having difficulties from this point please raise a case with our technical support team so that we can assist further.


    Have a great day ! 😄






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