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Do you know whether holiday continues to ...



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Zoe,


    As far as we are aware, holiday will continue to be accrued for those furloughed employees, but please refer to the government pages for more guidance.


    In regards to the system, full time and part time employee's holiday will be driven, as always, from the holiday allowance within the job titles.


    For flexible employees, the holiday calculation looks at 'worked weeks'; if there are no hours on rotas at the moment, these will not be counted as worked weeks, so the holiday values are effectively 'paused' for now.


    If you have Casual employees, where their holiday accrues based on 12.07% of hours worked, if needed Fourth can help facilitate an upload of hours to be added to the employee's accrued hours once the employee returns to work.


    Many thanks,



    Solution Director.

  • AJ Geach

    Hi Sophie,


    I would like some help with regards to uploaded hours to employees holiday accrual. We have submitted rotas with no hours on during the furlough period but this will not accrue any holiday for flexible employees.


    can you help with this?




  • Saskia Dykstra

    Hello {@0053z00000C3pyMAAR}​ 


    Thank you for your question.


    That is correct and this has not been built into Fourth as the hours submitted via the rotas drive the calculation for Casual and Flexible workers.

    You will need to work out how many hours the employee would have worked, whether this is based on their average or agreed hours.


    This can then be loaded into the system or entered as a minus figure through the front end for a week that has no rota or the rota is already submitted and is unlikely to be processed as this will create a holiday payment You will need to you the admin login to action this. Be mindful of this method, if hours are entered in a active/past rota this will be overwritten with a holiday record and the hours will be lost and if the rota is open the hours worked will not be paid.


    Alternatively you can choose to override the employees flexible holiday calculation in the Employee Batch Update screen. This will stop the system calculation, and base it on the calculation provided. See the guide here for calculating the flexible allowance:


    This override will need to be removed to allow the system to calculate correctly, once the employees are being scheduled on the rotas.

    HR > Employees > Employee Batch Update > Flexible Holiday Override > Complete all fields per applicable employee.


    I hope that helps,



    Fourth 🌎



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