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A customer has as queried - we have an employee who we do not want to be on a rota, but we would like her cost to be spread equally between our sites. Is this possible ?



  • Debbie Thomas

    Hi {@005D000000ANWs7IAH}​ 

    You can do this using Fixed Costs.

    A Fixed Cost area needs to be set up and then you can add a specific amount for each site..

    You also need to make sure that the Wage Function Setting is amended to included the Fixed Cost element. You can call this whatever is suitable.

    You can choose not to display but this often leads to issues in the future as it appears that costs do not add up. You can also add help text for information when viewing the analysis page.

    Here are some articles that will help.






  • Kelseigh Ashton

    Hi @Rhiannon Greaves​ and @Jessica Lynch-Blosse​ ,


    I hope you are both well.


    The above comment that @Debbie Thomas​ has provided is the best way to carry out adding cost to the rota for the employee.


    Thank you Debbie for this answer.


    All the best

    Kelseigh Ashton


    Senior Support Agent


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