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Is there a Trade Simple report that shows invoice detail, i.e at product invoiced level?

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  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi @Simon Madders​ ,


    Yes, there is a report named 'Invoice Detail Report', which drills down to product detail as per the purchase order detail report. You'll need to contact your Fourth Customer Success Manager (CSM) to arrange to have it enabled. It might be necessary to set up an alternative method of delivery for the report (not email) because the file sizes will nearly always be quite large.


    Hope this helps.





  • Simon Madders

    Hi Fourth, following up on this one again. This report does not allow us to select a from date, just a to date. Can we have access to a report that allows us to select the same parameters as on the Purchase Order Detail Report. @Adam Dattis​ , I was asked to contact you regards this (as per above). Can you help us get this added to our Trade Simple reports list please.




  • Adam J Dattis

    Hi @Paul Newsom​ would you be able to PM me and let me know the process to get this enabled? And see the question above? Thanks!

  • Adam J Dattis

    Hi @Ben Oliver​ @Moty Dimant​ @Helen Mahbub​ Re: the above, is there a report (or a similar report) that Mitchells and Butlers can access that can give a 'From' Date as requested? @Paul Newsom​  has confirmed this specific report only gives the user a 'To' date... any other report that is possible or is this an idea for a development request? thank you! @Simon Madders​ 


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