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How to run a training report



  • Veronica Tabatabai

    Hi @Val Still​ ,


    Thanks for your great question.


    Unfortunately, there is no actual report that you can run for what you're specifically asking for. However, there is an Export that shows every person in your business who has taken any of the training courses. As this is exported to an Excel file, it is quite easy to then filter it down which allows you to gain the information you need.


    The way to find the Export, is by going to the Training Module > Reports > Exports.


    If you are unable to see that option, please speak to the administrator in your business who can give you that permission.


    I really hope that helped!


    Many thanks,



  • Debbie Thomas

    Hi @Val Still​  When you run the HR report you can select the relevant course and select untrained employees. This will show anyone who does not have that course recorded.


    If you are using the training module, there is an export in Training > reports > exports > employee Training Plan

    (You may need to add the exports permission to the template.)


    This is a full review of the information entered in the training plan. You will need to filter accordingly.


    Hope that helps




  • Veronica Tabatabai

    Hi @Val Still​ 


    Just wanted to clarify what @Debbie Thomas​  wrote above.


    She is correct in what she said about the report in HR, however, this will not get you the information for the date range. You can of course filter this down once it has been exported to Excel.


    The Training module Export is also the one I mentioned so that information is correct also.


    Hope this has all helped! But please let me know if not.


    Many thanks,






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