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How do you Requisition and ship Recipes from one Property to another?

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  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi Lee (@Hudley Grisham​),


    Thanks for starting this thread - I think it's a great discussion thread to start on the Customer Community!


    It'd be great to see how other businesses use this functionality too! Please comment below if you use the Production Planner too and share best practice 😊





  • David ( Fournier

    Good afternoon {@005D000000AEQ9rIAH}​,

    As Rozz said, thank you for posting this for the wider community.


    From a Fourth perspective, we've seen Production Planner utilized most effectively when the recipes don't change (unlike wedding venues where there are always special requests!), which seems like it fits your operation as we understand it.


    In regards to the number of recipes required to order, prepare, ship, & cost, we feel it varies on the way a recipe can be ordered vs. prepared vs. shipped; the costed recipe will almost certainly be separate since there are finishing components on-site.


    For example, with beef filets the prepared recipe & order/shipped recipe may be the same since the site may need 50, 100, 150, etc. & could request exact amounts to be prepared & shipped; whereas, a site may need 50, 100, 150 (4oz) portions of marinara sauce for a pasta event but the production kitchen may only produce in 10gal batches.


    The actual way that individual items are shipped, e.g. sheet pan of 20 filets/pan doesn't need its own recipe as it can simply be requisitioned/transfered as 20/each; whereas the marinara sauce would be rounded up to the next prepared quantity.


    We do hope this feedback helps but if you have further scenarios you'd like to discuss in more detail, please do reach out to your Customer Success Manager to arrange a bespoke session with our Solution Consultancy Team.





  • Lisa Mohamed

    I know this post is pretty old, but i wanted to know how this turned out. i'm having challenges with the way the event/production is setup in Adaco. I need an Adaco expert!! Our banquet events change constantly, different products used the majority of the time. So it can get difficult. 

    when i look at the Event Planning section, it really doesnt make sense because you have to have recipes for everything and the only option you have is to create an "outlet req" and not a purchase req. We have a purchasing storeroom, but we are limited in the product we physically carry because it's not that big. My F&B team was told originally some years ago that "everything" from the outlets needs to go to the storeroom as an outlet req, but this creates more work for purchasing. yes granted its easy for the outlets, but this creates many more steps for purchasing because they have to first look at the items that we currently stock and see what we have on hand (minus what other outlets already have on reqs) and then figure out what are the "new items" to be ordered, add them to a purchase req, create the POs, then once the product is received, invoice the POs, then go back into the storeroom req and then close out the reqs.....too many steps for purchasing. 

    Since I have been here, I've separated the way this works, and i have the outlets do "purchase reqs" for the products that the storeroom doesn't stock and then an outlet req for the products we do. this is really the way a storeroom/warehouse works, you should only order from the storeroom the items that they stock. 

    So this brings me back to the event planning. as mentioned we have MANY events through out the month that take place at different outlets. each outlet is responsible for creating their reqs for the products they need. but we want to have an instant total of everything we purchased for that event. my F&B team was told that the event plan/production plan is how they should be doing this. but it would be impossible to create recipes for every single thing we use. 

    i've done some tests section, and i have read all the docs (which arent many) that fourth has on the subject, but there must be some other way. 

    Basically we want to create an event called Prime Rib night, add all the items to this event that we are going to use (600lbs of prime rib, etc...) and then create the purchase req for the items that need to be purchased direct and an outlet req for the items that need to come from the storeroom. but this doesnt seem possible???

    i also tried a work around with the projects to see if we can do this by creating projects which would work great because since you have the "project" drop down from the Purchase Req creation screen. but the problem with the projects is that you dont have this same option of the drop down in the outlet req screen........i am at a loss. 

    I understand that other place/hotels have all the reqs as "outlet" reqs through the "storeroom", but how many outlets do you have and how much staff do you have in order to maintain all these reqs to the storeroom plus the additional steps that purchasing must do in order to actually buy the products? 

  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi Lisa Mohamed

    Thank you for your follow up response, 

    There are a few points around this subject that will be useful depending on how you operate, firstly, here are the links to our Articles around the Even Plan & Production Planner:

    Purchasing & Inventory - Creating an Event Plan

    Purchasing & Inventory -Using Production Planner

    From the Production Planner there is the ability to create both Outlet Requisitions & Purchase Requisitions, however, as you mentioned in order to use the Production Planner, either Events or Recipes need to be created, which if you do, the Production Planner will separate by Outlet Requisitions vs Purchase Requisitions,

    If you decide not to create Events/Recipes for each item in order to use the Production Planner then, the option that we have is to use the Mobile Ordering App, which based on how your Outlet Configuration is done, will automatically separate your Order from the Ordering App into Outlet Requisitions & Purchase Requisitions,

    For example, you have your Storeroom/Warehouse which holds stock, with the Ordering App you can raise an Order and based on the Ordering Outlet and the configuration of that Outlet it will either create a Purchase Requisition if that Ordering Outlet does not have a Replenishment Outlet defined, or, if the Ordering Outlet is configured with a Replenish From Outlet, based on certain criteria within the Supplying Outlet i.e. On Hand Values, Allow Requisition more than available stock, etc an Outlet Requisition will be created for those items that can be provided by the Storeroom/Warehouse if that is the "Replenish From" Outlet 

    In order to get the above mentioned Mobile Ordering App, you would need to contact your Fourth Customer Representative as it will involve an implementation process, or if you'd like to discuss any of the above in further detail, please also contact your Fourth Customer Representative who can arrange a bespoke session with our Solution Consultancy Team,





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