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How can I change the price of multiple products (e.g 50 products) when the supplier update their prices?



  • Jessica Sanderson

    *Edit - This post is relevant to Fourth's Purchasing & Inventory (Formerly known as Adaco) Solution. The above question refers to Fourth's FnB Live Solution.


    Hi Zaina,

    Thanks for your question.

    You can load multiple price changes using the quotes module in Purchasing & Inventory. To do this, download the vendor products in property - vendor, select the vendor and click on vendor products. Using this spreadsheet update the vendor pricing and save the file as a .csv.


    Now load the .csv file into Purchasing & Inventory using the Import Quotation found under the purchasing tab, please use the link below to help you.





  • Alison Fraser

    {@005D000000AKK8BIAX}​ Apologies for the confusion, the above response is for our Purchasing & Inventory solution, whilst it does not directly apply to your question, we thought it could help someone else so we’ve left it visible for everyone. Please see below the relevant response for your query.

    There are two ways to mass update prices in Enterprise Manager:

    1. Supplier catalogues (Enterprise > Supplier Management > Supplier Catalogues) how to complete these can be found here: and
    2. Update Products (Enterprise > Master Product List > Update Products) this will allow you to enter the new cost price for products based on a filter on screen. This is best used for less than 50 products, whereas catalogues can be used to update larger volumes of products.



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