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    Hi {@005D000000ANLc3IAH}​ 

    Thank you for your suggestions

    I have added comments to your statements below.


    • When creating a new employee: we don’t want to have the possibility to choose the pay basis, but having this already set for each Job Title
      • Employees need to be assigned to a paybasis in order for them to be added to payroll. This cannot be changed as this has to happen on an individual basis various reasons.
    • Document Management: having the possibility to batch upload documents into the same document type (not only one per time)
      • This is a great idea and one often asked by customers. I will add this to our ideas page to be considered for 2020 as 2019 is already planned.
    • Access level > report to: no names but Job Titles - i.e. east side ops or shop name GM
      • Unfortunately this is not how the system operates. Holiday is approved by an individual and goes to an individuals work email.
      • You could set up Super Users for holiday approval with their work email address as a central email.
    • Multiple employments: possibility for GM to see own Team completed hours by the other store
      • This is a feature within out new version of Rotas called Advanced Schedules. Please speak to your CSM or CCT manager if you are interested in learning more about advanced schedules.
    • Having the amount of booked holidays as well on each employee home page
      • Are you referring to the employee Summary?
      • If you are looking for an easy way to see holidays booked I would suggest the Holiday Status report or Holiday Year to date report. Both are available in HR > Reports > View reports. This will save you going into each individuals record.
    • Rehired employees: all the already uploaded documents into document management to be transferred into the new account.
      • This is not functionality as rehiring an employee does not mean you do not need to check proof of eligibility or issue new contracts. New documents should always be issued and save in Document Management. Their previous documents are kept for reference against their former profile
    • Shop salaried employees: when absent but paid, having the possibility to see the cost into the Rota cost/analysis
      • The rota wage cost is driven by the wage function setting and will depend on your set up.
      • If the boxes to deduct a salaried absence is ticked, the cost is removed in the rota. If you don't want the cost removed, these boxes can be unticked.
    • Shop salaried employees: when terminated in the middle of the week, having the correct wage costs into the rota, not whole week wage even if they didn’t work the all 5 working days.
      • The rota wage cost is just a guide and is for forecasting purposes only.
      • The weekly cost of the employee is the annual salary divided by 52. This may not match up with payroll as this is likely to be annual salary divided by 12.
      • There is a rota setting to divide the salary by days actually worked. This would spread the weekly cost over the days schedule however the salary will not be reduced.
    • Alert/reminder when employees have 2 weeks of service: maybe the solution can be by having a new 2 weeks Anniversary created. I believe now we have only the yearly 
      • All customers have different operating procedures and it would be impossible for us to try to cover all permutations of anniversaries.
      • I would suggest creating a training Course called 2 weeks Anniversary and adding this into the employees profile when they start. You can set an expiry date and a reminder for Training Course expiry which will send an email to the assigned job titles.
      • Alternatively you can set an alert to come fortnightly (or weekly) when a new employee is created. This will give you the employees created in the last two weeks.

    I hope this helps




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