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I can't see the Rotas tab in ESS for my Location


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  • James Hughes-Tranter

    Hi Heather,


    I'll certainly do my best!


    If the entire location cannot see their rota within ESS, it could possibly be due to the locations configuration within HR. There is a setting called "Display Rota Tab within ESS" that needs to be ticked.


    If you have the access, please follow the below link. If you do not, I'd pass this onto the relevant internal personal;


    HR > Locations > Search & Select Location > Display Rota Tab within ESS ✅️


    The above information, along with other common queries and useful guidance can be found within the below article:


    Another reason, may be due to the rota for the location not yet being approved. Again, this will come down to access - but nonetheless, please ensure the rota for the week in question has been approved;


    Rota > Rotas > View Rota > Search & Select the Relevant Rota > 'Approved'


    Once the above checks have been completed, if there are further issues - I'd suggest raising a case with our technical support team. Simply click on your name within the top right hand corner of this screen, and select 'new case'. A member of the team will then be in touch shortly.


    All the best,

    James Hughes-Tranter


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