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Hi there, On the training module is there a way to automatically assign new employees to a course, without having to enter it manually? Thank you,


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    Hi {@005D000000AK6Z3IAL}​ {@005D000000ANbvLIAT}​ 

    It is possible to assign job titles to courses so that the employees training plan populates automatically.


    Assigning training courses onto the training plan


    From the Training Course details screen click “Assign Training Levels / Job Titles” to add the course into the company career

    and training path:

    The procedure to assign courses:

    From the top section, select from the dropdown menus the training level where the course should be conducted, the job title it falls under, whether the course is mandatory or optional, and the required score for the course to be considered as successful, lastly select the sort order of the course within the training level.

    Functionality allows for a course to be optional on one level and mandatory on another, or it allows the course to be mandatory for some job titles and not others within the same training level.

    Click on ‘Edit’ to modify an existing assignment.

    To assign the course to more than one job title, complete the process detailed above with the additional details.


    Hope this helps




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